Where all comes from

in FUKT – Magazine for Contemporary Drawing, the faces issue.


Körperwissen im Wald

Lost in tracking models

Funny imprecision of tracking pattern

Stillstand und Vibration

Stability and vibration – Werkzeuge aus der Garage

Complex or binary

Is there an intrinsic difference between digital and analogue structures?

See all dimensions at once

Impossible to touch digitally

Still-lifes of vibration

At the subatomic level everything consists mainly of space and energy, not matter – how do still-lifes look like then?

Still-lifes of movement

Perhaps all things merge into one another without being noticed.

Tracking through Drawing

Deforming through tracking, creating through tracking


Reality mining, occupied spaces

Das Innere der Scheren

If everything is basically energy, everything is also movement.


Motion around an imaginary center


What would a form or figure be without an edge?